Fulton Leadership University is recruiting our next generation of leaders.

Your rising stars will receive 9 months of leadership development for $1,000!  There will be one 8-hour class per month beginning in September! Courses are taught by professional instructors from across the region recognized for their expertise in leadership development.

Who Should Attend Fulton Leadership University (FLU)?

FLU is foundational training designed to develop:

  1. New Leaders with limited experience or formal education in Leadership
  2. Employees not currently in a leadership role, but have been identified as having leadership potential.

Fulton Leadership University (FLU) Details

15 to 17 students will meet once per month for a full day to explore and develop their leadership skills!  Classes will be held the 3rd Tuesday of each month beginning in September 2023.  Cost is only $1,000!  Training will be held at various sites around the area.

Act now applications are due August 10.

What Courses will be taught at the Leadership University?

A team of business leaders from across the region have spent months developing the curriculum.  Courses will include High Performing Teams, Leadership Styles, Performance Management, Vision / Planning, Change Management, Problem Solving Tools, Communication Skills, Ethics, Integrity & Trust.

Email the completed application to: matt@fcedc-ohio.com

This information is dispersed on behalf of Rich Menzel, former VP of Human Resources at North Star BlueScope Steel and the Team Leader for Fulton Leadership University.