Industries & Clusters


Steel is an essential material for modern society and vital to a sustainable future. A future that considers the needs of people and the environment as it grows and develops. Fulton County embraces sustainable steel production by supporting Bluescope’s long-term vision on how the life cycle of steel is carefully managed to minimize waste and promote recycling. The adoption of sustainable steel practices fosters innovation within the industry, driving the development of new technologies, processes, and materials. Companies that invest in sustainable practices position themselves as leaders in a rapidly evolving market, attracting environmentally conscious consumers and partners. This commitment to innovation not only ensures long-term competitiveness but also spurs positive change throughout the entire steel supply chain.

Wood Products

In 1934, Erie Sauder started a woodworking business in a barn behind his home in Archbold, Ohio. Originally a builder of custom cabinetry and church pews, he began crafting small occasional tables from the fine, leftover wood. In 1940, the workmanship of these tables eventually inspired a traveling salesman to place an astounding order of 25,000 — a seemingly impossible purchase order for a budding company. But with a little ingenuity and a lot of determination, Sauder Woodworking Co. grew and flourished. Fast forward to 1953 for Sauder to find the answer to its calling — a patented table that could be assembled at home. And it was this snap-together table that marked the beginning of the ready-to-assemble furniture industry.


As Fulton County paves the way for a cleaner, more sustainable energy future, it becomes an inspiring example for other communities contemplating similar transitions. The journey from coal to nuclear energy at the Davis Besse plant showcases the potential for positive change when communities, industries, and policymakers collaborate to build a resilient, low-carbon future. Fulton County is also opening its arms to the sun, ushering in a new era of cleaner energy through the widespread adoption of solar fields. This visionary initiative is not only a testament to the county's commitment to environmental responsibility but also positions Fulton County as a leader in the transition towards renewable energy.

Fulton County's commitment to clean energy is not just a local endeavor; it's a testament to the power of collective action in safeguarding our planet for generations to come. Through strategic choices and progressive initiatives, the community is laying the foundation for a brighter, more sustainable future.

Food Processing

The food and beverage industry in Fulton County, Ohio, is a dynamic and multifaceted sector that encompasses grain production, food processing, and fresh produce cultivation. Companies like Gerald Grain, Conagra Foods, and Nature Fresh Farms play integral roles in the county's economy, providing employment opportunities, supporting local farmers, and supplying essential food products to consumers nationwide.

From the vast fields of grain to the bustling food processing plants and innovative greenhouse facilities, Fulton County's food industry reflects a blend of tradition, modern technology, and a commitment to quality. As these companies continue to grow and evolve, they contribute not only to the local economy but also to the broader landscape of American agriculture and food production.

Garage Doors & Scaffolding

The presence of garage door companies and scaffolding services in Fulton County, Ohio, reflects the unique demands and characteristics of the local industry and economy. These businesses play a crucial role in serving the needs of the community, contributing to both residential and commercial development, as well as various other projects within the county. Warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and commercial establishments often require large, sturdy garage doors and scaffolding for logistics, security, and transportation. Garage door companies cater to the specific needs of these businesses, helping to maintain the county's industrial and economic infrastructure. Commercial development, driven by the county's strategic location along Ohio Turnpike I-80/90 and key highways like US 20A, State Route 2, and State Route 108, benefits from the presence of these specialized services. Accessible and secure storage is pivotal for businesses, and the contributions of garage door companies and scaffolding services aid in the realization of various projects, thereby boosting economic growth. Fulton County's strategic location and accessibility via major transportation routes are significant assets. Its proximity to Ohio Turnpike I-80/90 and key highways facilitates the easy shipping of products to anywhere in the country. This accessibility enhances the competitiveness of local businesses and ensures that they can efficiently move goods, materials, and equipment in and out of the region.